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Incoming Groups:

Groups, Meetings, and Events are booked through relationship marketing, hosting meeting planners and obtaining strategic representation at industry shows. Conference Services are also provided to each of the groups that we host to guarantee a professional and unique experience. 

Press Room:

Visit Fort Collins relies heavily on public relations to help boost Fort Collins’ image in target markets and publications around the country.  Visit Fort Collins accomplishes publication placement by hosting a variety of travel writers, providing them Familiarization Tours within Fort Collins. This allows us to highlight local businesses while providing a unique Fort Collins experience based on the writer’s interests. The end goal is to engage the writer, resulting in featured articles and multifaceted exposure worldwide. 

Certified Tourism Ambassador Program:

CTA logoMore than 1 million tourists visit Fort Collins every year and we want to make sure that our visitors have a good experience while they are here. Visit Fort Collins offers the chance to join a certified tourism ambassador program. We train ambassadors of the city in and outside of the hospitality industry to ensure good experiences are had by all. This means visitors will be able to find their way, being greeted by friendly hotel clerks who know a little about the city’s history, culture and events. Or by rafting guides knowledgeable about the flora and fauna along the Poudre River. Or by retailers who go out of their way to make shoppers feel welcome. And even by police who might provide directions. Fort Collins was the first Colorado city to adopt a certified tourism ambassador program. The program is now in 17 states and has trained 11,000 certified tourism ambassadors. 80 percent of ambassadors surveyed have said “they have more pride and passion” about their city. The program’s measure of success will be largely anecdotal, based on participation and feedback. Visit Fort Collins is excited to work with each of our partners to provide a distinct Fort Collins experience.

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Autumn Schempp 
(970) 232-3841


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As the official destination marketing organization for Fort Collins, our job is to sell Fort Collins to travelers from around the world

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Visit Fort Collins strives to engage partners through a variety of ways throughout the year. 

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Looking for city info or a friendly staff member to help you find what you need while planning your next trip or meeting in Fort Collins? In town? Stop by our Visitor's Center to help you find...

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Certified Tourism Ambassador Program

The Fort Collins Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) Program is a nationally-certified program. It serves to increase tourism experiences and ROI through education with front-line employees, volunteers...

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