Cycle Fort Collins Safety

Safety Tips & Resources

Follow these smart tips to make the most of your Fort Collins trail ride.


1. Knowledge is Power

Check out Colorado’s Rules of the Road.

2.  Have A Plan

Let someone know where you are going, consider bringing bike lights and download maps if you are going into the mountains. Sometimes there is no cell service.

3. Come Prepared

Make sure your bike is in good working order, bring enough water and food and have the equipment to change a flat.

4. Check The Weather

Mountains are unpredictable and weather can change fast. Depending on the season, consider bringing layers, a rain jacket or a vest.

5. Know Your Surroundings

Soak up the amazing scenery, but also keep an eye out for distracted drivers or wild animals such as deer.


Bike Maps and Trail Conditions

City of Fort Collins Bike Maps

Larimer County Regional Paved Trails

Larimer County Trail Conditions

Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland Know Before You Go


More Cycling Resources

The Bike Co-Op

Building Community Through Bicycling is our mission. Our programs include public tools and workspace to learn how to fix your own bike, bike safety education, earn-a-bike, bikes for Ghana, and bike...

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Bike Share

A free, bicycle lending service for residents, students, and visitors to Fort Collins. Members can borrow the bike for as short as an our or for as long as seven days.

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