What could be sweeter than soaking up the summer sunshine while sipping on a cold beverage on a Fort Collins patio? Patio season is upon us and Fort Collins breweries are crafting refreshing drinks that pair perfectly with the season. 

Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing
What-A-Melon Blonde Ale
Coopersmith's What-A-Melon Ale

Aged with fresh watermelon juice, the What-A-Melon Ale offers the classic taste of summer in a light blonde ale. The Coopersmith’s patio is perfectly situated on the northeast corner of Old Town Square, conveniently close to many boutiques and also the Downtown Fort Collins splash pad. Watch as the kids play in the water while you unwind with this refreshing ale.


Odell Brewing Company
Sippin' Lemonade Sour Ale
Odell Brewing

If you’re craving an ice-cold lemonade-style beer on a hot summer’s day, the Odell Sippin’ Lemonade will hit the spot. Brewed with real lemons, Sippin’ Lemonade is an effervescent sour ale that has a balanced taste of both sweet and tart. The beautiful Odell patio offers plenty of space to gather with friends and family and even includes some fire pits too. If you're not much into sours, an alternative summertime favorite is the Peach Stand Rambler, a light blonde ale made with fresh Palisade peaches. Sipping on either one of these seasonal ales is the perfect way to end a day of outdoor adventuring in Fort Collins. 


Gilded Goat Brewing
Meandering Wheat American Wheat Ale

The Meandering Wheat is a tangerine American wheat beer that satisfies that delicious orange sweetness craving while also having floral notes of orange blossom and a taste of smooth honey. With now two locations in Midtown and Downtown Fort Collins, The Gilded Goat is a short bike ride away from most lodging and city attractions. 


New Belgium Brewing Company
Dominga Grapefruit Paloma Fruit Beer 

New Belgium Dominga Beer

Photo Credit: New Belgium Brewing

Dominga Grapefruit Paloma from New Belgium Brewing is inspired by the timeless and delicious Mezcal Paloma. To bring this flavorful beer to life, they brew a light golden ale and blend it with their iconic wood-aged golden sour. They then add ruby red grapefruit, golden lime, and a pinch of salt to deliver on the tart, citrusy qualities of a paloma and a spritz. The result is a complex, bright tart ale that captures the best parts of a paloma. It’s fresh, zippy and brilliant. Take this summer drink out on the spacious New Belgium lawn and lounge on the recliner chairs, or cool off by the poolside with this light beer in hand. Whatever you’re up to, you’ll want this refreshing drink to keep your cool while soaking up the Colorado sun. 


Stodgy Brewing 
Mexican Lager

Stodgy Beer
No summertime brews list would be complete without a classic Mexican lager. Stodgy Brewing’s Mexican lager is made with 100% local ingredients and is a slightly malty, deeply golden lager. We love Stodgy’s huge historic and restored wooden outdoor patio space and its proximity to City Park Fort Collins.

Raspberry Provincial Sour Ale

Funkwerks Brewery Raspberry Provincial

Photo Credit: Funkwerks Brewery

Stop by Funkwerks Brewery this summer to try a glass of their refreshing Raspberry Provincial Sour Ale. Made with 100% real fruit, this sour ale is bursting with berry goodness and sure to delight on a beautiful summer day or evening.


No matter what type of beer you are into, you are sure to find a refreshing glass to sip on this summer in Fort Collins. Cheers to craft beer!