Road Cycling Guide


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Dairy Loop

This popular weekend route includes an all-but-mandatory stop at Howling Cow Cafe. We’re just in it...

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Bingham Hill-Dams Loop

This isn’t a 17-mile loop to balk at, with tough climbs and some incredible scenery􀅞􀆌. Kick-off...

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Bike Trails Loop

Fort Collins is a platinum-ranked bike city for a reason! We have incredible infrastructure,...

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Rolling East

Fort Collins butts up against the Rocky Mountains, which means there is plenty of climbing to be...

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Rist Canyon to Masonville

Rist Canyon is a very popular, challenging climb. The summit is actually higher than Estes Park....

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Classic Carter Lake

This classic road loop from Fort Collins offers a good amount of not-too-long climbs. You'll find...

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Rattlesnake is a tough six-to-seven-mile climb near Carter Lake. If you are feeling especially...

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Poudre Stove Prairie

Poudre Canyon has a gentle elevation gain and an incredible landscape. Shortly after passing the...

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Classic Estes Park Loop

Get in a few warm-up climbs on your way to Masonville before heading to Estes Park via Glen Haven. A...

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Poudre Canyon to Estes Park

It turns out that you can’t ride bikes all day if you don’t start in the morning. This trail is a...

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