Front Desk Resources

Front-line workers in the hospitality and tourism sectors in Fort Collins have access to a variety of resources to enhance their roles. The Visit Fort Collins Calendar of Events, along with local tourism guides, interactive maps, and visitor information centers, serves as a comprehensive source for the latest information on community-organized events and key attractions. 

  1. Visit Fort Collins Calendar of Events:

    • Explore the comprehensive calendar of events provided by Visit Fort Collins. Stay informed about current and upcoming events organized by the community, ensuring you can provide guests with the latest information on local activities and attractions. Found here.
  2. Local Tourism Guides:

    • Access printed or digital tourism guides that highlight key attractions, dining options, and entertainment in Fort Collins. These resources offer in-depth information to assist guests in planning their itineraries. Found here.
  3. Interactive Maps:

    • Utilize interactive maps that showcase points of interest, hotels, restaurants, and other relevant locations in Fort Collins. These maps can be valuable tools for guiding guests and answering location-specific queries. Found Visit Fort Collins' Information Centers.
  4. Visitor Information Centers:

    • Familiarize travelers with local visitor information centers, where they can find brochures, maps, and additional resources to enhance their experience within Fort Collins and its offerings. Found at 1 Old Town Square Suite 107.

  5. Hospitality Training Programs:

    • Take advantage of hospitality training programs or workshops offered by Visit Fort Collins or other relevant organizations, such as the Colorado Tourism Office. These programs can enhance your customer service skills, equipping you with the tools to provide exceptional assistance to guests.