With the gift of a leap day this year, we think everyone deserves a cheat day. What better way to spend a cheat day than eating through breads and pastries in Fort Collins? There’s no better place to indulge in baked goods than these Fort Collins establishments.

La Boutique

Sandwich from La Boutique on French BaguetteOne of the newest additions to our Downtown Fort Collins, La Boutique is a family-owned business committed to providing an authentic French experience to all their customers. Their owner, originally from France, spent six months perfecting their baguette recipe, ensuring the baguettes available to purchase at their store are as close as possible to a French-made baguette. These baguettes can be purchased on their own, or treat yourself extra by indulging in one of their sandwiches for lunch or dinner!

Ginger and Baker

Ginger and Baker Single PieMany people associate Ginger and Baker with a great place for a sit-down meal. Did you know they also have a market and bakery attached to their two restaurants? At the bakery, you can purchase freshly baked sourdough bread and you can usually find some seasonal selections. They also offer pecan sticky buns, chocolate chunk cookies, and hand pies. Speaking of pie, be sure to try a PIEce of their famous pies while you’re there!

Silver Grill and Vern's Place

Silver Grill Cinnamon Roll cinnamon roll with lots of frosting

Silver Grill and Vern’s, two breakfast staples in the Fort Collins area, are in a bit of a friendly competition. The two restaurants, now under the same ownership, are both known for their cinnamon rolls. In fact, Silver Grill’s recipe has been refined for 38 years. The only option is to try them both and determine which one is your favorite!

(L - Silver Grill, R - Vern's Place)

La Creperie

La Creperie is another great French eatery located in the heart of Midtown Fort Collins. Their baked goods are made the artisan way with no preservatives or chemicals in any of their foods. Their breakfast offers are to die for and include galettes (savory buckwheat crepes), sweet crepes, and Kouign Amann. Don’t forget to buy a few macarons while you’re there to snack on later!

Explorado Market

If you’re gluten-free, you can still indulge in decadent pastries and sweet treats at Explorado Market. Located in Old Town Square, Explorado only offers celiac-safe fare. Here you can partake in gluten-free pop tarts, focaccia, muffins, and cakes…just to name a few!

The Bread Chic

a loaf of cheddar jalapeno sourdough bread

If you love sourdough, you need to run over to The Bread Chic. They have a variety of different sourdoughs you can try, including rye sourdough, rosemary sourdough, and cheddar-jalapeno sourdough. If you need someone to pick for you, we recommend the rosemary sourdough. You can find The Bread Chic at farmer’s markets in the area and at their store in Downtown Fort Collins.

Retreat Bakery Bar

photo of counter at bakery with sweet treats

If you’re looking for a wide variety of sweet treats, Retreat Bakery Bar is the location for you. Their store, located in Midtown, combines modern treats and classic desserts with your favorite drinks. Yes, that includes beer and wine, so be sure to swing by for an after-dinner dessert and cocktail.

Mystic Moon Bakery

five different artfully created cupcakes

Mystic Moon Bakery, formerly the Cupcake Gypsies, recently moved their brick-and-mortar location to Downtown Fort Collins. Located in Bloom Floral Boutique, Mystic Moon creatively pairs flavors together that result in mouth-watering creations, like their Caramel Stout and Root Beer Float cupcakes.

No matter what type of bread or pastry is your favorite, try something new in Fort Collins to celebrate this special cheat day... because calories don't count around Leap Day!