The community has voiced its preferences, and their message is crystal clear regarding the top bicycle routes in Fort Collins! We reached out to our Facebook followers, requesting their input on preferred cycling routes ranging from easy to advanced in the Fort Collins vicinity. The response was phenomenal, with an abundance of enthusiastic feedback from our dedicated supporters. Then again, it's no surprise considering Fort Collins holds the prestigious Platinum-Level Bicycle-Friendly Community status. Without further ado, let's unveil the top three cycling routes in Fort Collins... as chosen by YOU!

Easy: Spring Creek Trail

Road Bike Spring Creek Trail

This paved bike trail not only contributes to the network of commuter routes in Fort Collins but also offers a delightful recreational path suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities. This picturesque trail meanders alongside Spring Creek, weaving through multiple parks in mid-Fort Collins, covering almost 7 miles before linking up with the Poudre Trail. Revel in the serene ambiance of tree-lined pathways and scenic passages as you traverse Spring Canyon Park, Rolland Moore Park, the Pineridge Natural Area, and more.


Intermediate: Horsetooth Reservoir Loop

Horsetooth Fall Mtn Biking credit FRRG

The Horsetooth Reservoir Loop presents a brief yet exhilarating journey, featuring challenging ascents and thrilling descents along the Fort Collins foothills. Commencing from Overland Trail and venturing westward over Bingham Hill, you'll be greeted by captivating vistas of Pleasant Valley, a verdant expanse nestled between the mountains and Fort Collins' foothills. Upon veering southward onto Centennial Drive, relish in the unblemished scenery of Horsetooth Reservoir, tracing its shoreline as you pedal along. To the east, be treated to captivating cityscape panoramas, while to the west, embrace the untarnished majesty of mountain vistas.


Advanced: Masonville/Eden Valley


Renowned as one of Fort Collins' premier cycling routes, the Masonville/Eden Valley Ride beckons with its legendary 52-mile stretch, boasting breathtaking panoramas of the majestic mountain scenery. Traverse through rustic rural landscapes and ascend into the tranquil mountain foothills. Follow the winding path of Eden Valley, enveloped by stunning mountain vistas, before descending into Masonville. From there, journey along the southern edge of Horsetooth Reservoir, eventually returning to Fort Collins. This extensive route promises a diverse blend of terrain and captivating views, offering a profound appreciation for the picturesque landscape surrounding Fort Collins.


In conclusion, the collective voice of our community has spoken loud and clear, illuminating the top bicycle routes Fort Collins has to offer. Through the invaluable contributions of our Facebook followers, we've unearthed three remarkable journeys tailored to various skill levels and preferences. From the leisurely escapades along the Spring Creek Trail to the exhilarating twists and turns of the Horsetooth Reservoir Loop, and the epic adventure of the Masonville/Eden Valley Ride, each route encapsulates the essence of Fort Collins' natural beauty and cycling culture. As we embark on these chosen paths, let us continue to embrace and cherish the splendor of our Platinum-Level Bicycle-Friendly Community. Happy cycling!