There are many things Fort Collins is known for. Two that might come to mind more quickly than others is biking and beer. Fort Collins is a Platinum-rated Bicycle Friendly Community, boasting over 200 miles of dedicated bike lanes; we're also called the Craft Beer Capital of Colorado with over 23 breweries in town, including flagship locations for New Belgium and Odell. When Bob Williams moved to Fort Collins in 1995, he fell in love with both of these things that make Fort Collins unique and decided to create a business that showcased these two, Beer & Bike Tours. Beer & Bike Tours takes guests on ride featuring three breweries chosen by the guests. Their adventures build community and unforgettable memories!

We spoke with Bob Williams, owner and founder of Beer & Bike Tours, to learn more about Beer & Bike Tours and why he loves Fort Collins.

What do you love about Fort Collins

The friendly active culture. I love how a normal day is going for a bike ride and having a pint with friends at a local brewery

What are your top 3 favorite activities to do in Fort Collins?

  1. Cycling
  2. Beer Drinking
  3. Paddleboarding

Selfie of bike guide leading two people on a beer and bike tour

What "can't miss" activity/restaurant/place would you tell a first-time visitor to go?

Horse & Dragon Brewing, bike ride along the city trails, Food truck rally’s in the park, a float on the Poudre.

What makes Beer & Bike Tours unique?

We are cyclists who love to drink beer. Because of this our rides are pleasant and do not just go from brewery to brewery. Most of the crew has lived in Fort Collins for a long time or was born here. We try and share the passion that makes the city so fun. We have also built a relationship with our community and the places we visit to give our guests special experiences at each brewery. These are the type of things that make our trips special. The fortunate thing is that we have a few options in Fort Collins and as a community we work together to build experiences and refer each other to help visitors find the best options for them.

two people riding on a bridge on a beer and bike tour

What is the story behind how Beer & Bike Tours got its start?

Bob worked for Recycled Cycles when he moved to Fort Collins in 1995 and fell in love with the community. Back then we only had a couple brewery options. But, they were already catering to the beer loving cyclist. Fast forward 17 years and some time spent living abroad, he decided to start the company with the idea that the beer tastes best amongst friends chatting about a new adventure. Fortunately, other people thought that was a good idea too and 11 years later we are still biking from pint to pint.

group of people posing for a group picture on beer and bike tour

What do you want visitors to experience on a Beer and Bike Tour?

The natural ease that Fort Collins has. It is easy to feel comfortable and part of the moment on our tours and we want people to enjoy Fort Collins the same way we do. The is of course amazing flavors beer too!

6 people cheersing on a beer and bike tour

(Photos courtesy of Beer & Bike Tours)

Beer & Bike Tours

Business Hours: On Demand
Address: 1724 East Lincoln Ave, Unit C
Phone: (970) 201-1085