With over a dozen second-hand stores downtown and beyond, Fort Collins is an ideal destination for thrifters looking to uncover unique finds. From big-name chains that offer gently-used furniture and household items to small businesses with vintage clothing and other hidden gems, here are some of the best thrift stores in Fort Collins.


arc Thrift Stores

arc Thrift Store

Photo Credit: Arc Thrift Stores

This Colorado-based chain thrift shop is one of the best places to find pretty much anything—inside you’ll see furniture, electronics, clothing, household decorations and even a large book selection. It’s also worth noting that arc Thrift Stores has made it their mission to give back to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, which means you can feel extra good about your purchases.

Location: 2701 South College Ave

Hours: 9am-9pm Monday-Friday; 8am-9pm Saturdays; 10am-6pm Sundays




Photo Credit: Eco-Thrift

If you get excited about sifting through items at second-hand stores to find buried treasures, head to Eco-Thrift, where they sell everything from luggage and artwork to jewelry and more. Become a member to enjoy added perks, like access to the store’s tool library, which features hundreds of eco-friendly gadgets for any home, gardening or car repair project.

Location: 314 North Howes St

Hours: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday

Funktional: A Space for Radical Reuse

FunktionalPhoto Credit: Funktional

Eco-Thrift's sister store Funktional offers shoppers a scavenger hunt of sorts, making it one of the most fun thrift stores in Fort Collins. While somewhat smaller than the other shops on this list, Funktional shines when it comes to quirky decorations, lamps and other household fixtures, and it also has a cool vinyl collection. 

Location: 1228 West Elizabeth St

Hours: 12pm-7pm Tuesday-Saturday


Brand Spanking Used

Brand Spanking UsedPhoto Credit: Brand Spanking Used

When strolling through downtown Fort Collins, head to Brand Spanking Used, a well-organized thrift shore with a section dedicated to costumes for Halloween and beyond. Here you’ll find two whole floors of second-hand goods, including a few shelves of VCR and DVD players that are sure to give you full-on 90s and 2000s nostalgia. 

Location: 227 South College Ave

Hours: 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday, except 10am-7pm every first Friday of the month; 12pm-5pm Sundays


Wear It Again, Sam

Wear It Again Sam

Photo Credit: Wear It Again, Sam

In the market for vintage clothing or elaborate costume rentals? Check out hole-in-the-wall Wear It Again, Sam, where gowns, suits, fur coats, hats and dress clothes from every era await. Even if you’re not planning on buying anything, head inside to play dress up for a while—since the shop ships clothes worldwide, you can always order something later if you change your mind. 

Location: 140 South College Ave

Hours: 12pm-5pm Monday-Saturday; 12pm-4pm Sundays


Repeat Boutique

Repeat BoutiquePhoto Credit: Repeat Boutique

One major benefit of buying items from second-hand stores is decreasing your environmental impact by reducing waste, which is the idea behind Repeat Boutique. This particular thrift shop has been around for over 30 years, providing high-quality used jewelry, clothing, furniture and collectibles. 

Location: 1502 South College Ave

Hours: 10am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday; 11am-5pm Sundays

Whether you’re hunting for a specific item or browsing just for fun, adventures await at these and other thrift shops in town. Make Fort Collins your shopping destination!