When we talk about the liquid arts in Fort Collins, beer often takes the spotlight – and that’s not at all to be discounted as we are proudly wearing the hat of the nation’s craft beer capital. Without throwing any shade on the love for beer, the demand for zero-proof artfully crafted beverages is growing in its own right and Fort Collins restaurants and bars are leaning in to listen. We’re sharing our list of 9 Fort Collins restaurants and bars that are taking these demands to heart, opening up the creative gateways to delectably booze-free beverages. 

The Emporium Drink1. The Emporium 
Address: 378 Walnut St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Found inside of the impeccable Elizabeth Hotel in Downtown Fort Collins, The Emporium offers a dedicated zero-proof beverages menu that stands out as especially fanciful and fun. We can see this menu coming in clutch during the dog days of summer – whether you’re needing a break in-between the cocktails or just want to cool down with a beverage, The Emporium has you covered.

Old Elk Drink


2. Old Elk Distillery
Address: 253 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

You wouldn't typically expect to find zero-proof beverages at a distillery, but Old Elk isn’t about closing the door to catering to all customers and their customized needs. And catering to custom drinks is exactly what Old Elk is doing. We were thoroughly impressed by the staff’s enthusiasm to creatively craft the drinks of our dreams. They’ll ask about your taste preferences, go-to ingredients, and whip up an impressive concoction that you had no idea you were terribly missing in your life. 




Union Drink
3. Union Bar & Soda Fountain
Address: 250 Jefferson St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

For casual drinks with friends, family, and colleagues, Union is a fantastic meeting spot with a beautifully modern, open floorplan space and an equally contemporary menu of food and drinks. Their simple zero-proof options fit the bill for when you’re needing to chill, beverage in hand socializing. Their drink options are fun and bubbly, light-spirited, and playful. 



The Regional Drink
4. The Regional
Address: 130 S Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

The Regional’s fully decked-out kitchen and bar produce a tasteful variety of options only limited by your imagination.  From zero-proof classic margaritas to herbal and sweet infusions, you can take advantage of their fresh ingredient sourcing to make your own mocktail.







5. Cafe Vino
Address: 1200 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524


Cafe Vino, located just east of the Colorado State University campus, is a great location for a zero-proof drink. Their zero proof refreshment menu has an N/A Aperol Spritz for those who want to pretend they are in Italy, cold brew tea, kombucha, and other mocktail options.



Elliot's Martini
6. Elliot’s Martini Bar


Address: 234 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Who doesn’t love a martini bar? OK - perhaps a better question: who’s ever been out enjoying nightlife and couldn’t handle another boozy beverage, though still wanted to order a drink and continue the festivities? Elliot’s gets it. And Elliot’s comes to the rescue in these situations with their no-frills mocktails menu. Delicious mocktail options like Golden Delicious and Strawberry Grooves will have you feeling fine and refreshed – without alcohol. 

7. The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm
Address: 1957 Jessup Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525


How does a rosemary lavender lemonade sound right now? Or maybe you’re feeling a farmhouse bloody mary sans alcohol during your Sunday brunch? The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm curates zero-proof options in their beverage menu that cover the gamut of cravings, though you’re always free to talk to your bartender and customize your drink to your preferences. We love this choice for daytime drinks with friends followed up by an exploration of the shops at Jessup.

The Atrium Drink
8. The Atrium
Address: 120 W Laurel St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

When we mention The Atrium, we often find heads turn out of curiosity for this Fort Collins bar and music venue. Perhaps this is one of Fort Collins’ best-kept secrets as it is a bit hidden, nestled underneath The Alley Cat Cafe. We don’t think it’s right to keep this gloriously plant-decorated space with a positively unique zero-proof menu a secret though. Zero proof cocktails and kombuchas await! 







9. Social
Address: 1 Old Town Square #7, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Social, Fort Collins 1920s themed bar, has been serving up dry drinks since their creation, over ten years ago. With a seasonally rotating selection, Social is proud to always offer six dry drinks, which currently includes Limonade De Provence, Virgroni, and Wild Card. Their menu changes three times a year, giving you plenty of time to fall in love and then, when you're ready, to try something new.