Parks & Open Spaces

The citizens of Fort Collins have been enjoying the city park system for more than 100 years. Fort Collins’ Parks & Open Spaces currently has 820 acres of developed park land including six community parks and 50 neighborhood/pocket parks. We also have 35 miles of recreational trails that flow through our city. Our parks & open spaces are natural and clean places to gather with friends and family for picnics, outdoor recreation, relaxation, and other activities. View an interactive map of Fort Collins’ parks here.

Disc Golf

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, Fort Collins offers a variety of courses for every skill level. Don’t have equipment? No problem! Local company, The Wright Life, will help outfit you with everything you need for a great experience, including discs, the inside scoop on courses, and tournament information. Side Note: If you’re on the course or around town, you’ll probably hear some refer to disc golf or frisbee golf as ‘Folf’ or ‘Frolf.’ Thank the college kids for this clever slang.


Colorado is a hotbed for birders, boasting nearly 500 recorded species. Fort Collins offers exceptional opportunities to view many of these birds thanks to 48 protected Natural Areas encompassing more than 41,000 acres and 114 miles of trail. Natural Areas are pockets of land that offer recreation, education, scientific data collection, culture, ecological enhancement, and aesthetics – oases in an urban environment. Read more.

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