Art in Public Places

Fort Collins holds artistic and colorful art around each corner waiting to be experienced and appreciated. Thanks to a community commitment to Art in Public Places and talented artists, Fort Collins hosts many beautiful art projects that the public can enjoy freely as they walk along the streets or through alleyways.

Plan a self-guided tour of the city’s Transformer Cabinet Murals and Pedestrian Sidewalk Pavers. There are dozens of pavers designed by Fort Collins youth depicting Fort Collins life that can be enjoyed as part of our Downtown sidewalks. Over forty Downtown transformer cabinets display some of our community’s most skilled artists expressing a wide variety of artistic styles and subjects. They bring color and wonderment all year long. And, if inspired, people can even play Fort Collins’ art. Pianos About Town has more than a dozen pianos painted each year by local artists and placed throughout town in public spaces for budding and seasoned musicians to play. You can also watch the pianos being painted, artists are actively creating murals on transformer cabinets and pianos each summer. Click on the image gallery link below and the Art in Public Places website for more details on each tour. Image Gallery or print a map.

Art in Public Places

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