Fort Collins Restaurants

Searching for Fort Collins restaurants every day ends up being an enjoyable activity when visiting our destination because there are so many delicious dining choices! Restaurant concentrations are found in historic downtown, along the Harmony corridor, as well as dotted throughout Midtown Fort Collins. There are options for every wallet, including family-friendly pricing and high-end dining. Influenced by locally grown and seasonal foods, local restaurants and chefs are extremely innovative in planning savory menus that rotate throughout the year allowing the diners to have a constantly new experience.

There are plenty of casual dining locations in the city, including a thriving pub dining scene. Beer, burgers, salads and sandwiches are done just right in establishments all around town, balanced with a good amount of innovative ingredients, inventive combinations, local produce and pairing elements. These restaurants are perfect for a family or large group solution as they offer lots of varieties, all in casual and comfortable settings. If you keep your eye out, you can also snag some special deals on food with help from some of our partners.

If you enjoy ethnic foods, Fort Collins has a wide array of restaurants specializing in many worldly options. Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Thai, Mexican, Indian, French, Sushi, Italian and even a Brazilian Steakhouse are ready to take your taste buds on a journey!  There are perfect spots to taste imported cheeses, specialty NYC deli meats, and charcuterie boards paired with wines, whiskeys, locally distilled liquors and, of course, Fort Collins’ brewed beers.

Craft cocktails, tasty Colorado beer flights, locally brewed ciders and thoughtful wine flights are ready to be enjoyed all around Fort Collins at the 20 local breweries, many tasting rooms, cocktail lounges, wine bars and several restaurants that offer nearly 50 beer taps in one location.   

And, the specialty diner can satisfy a sweet tooth with gelato, chocolate desserts, and ice cream galore while breakfast goers have French crepes, hip pancakes, classic bacon and eggs, Creole classics or vegetarian inventions to choose from. If you are looking for quick meals or restaurants with familiar names, Fort Collins has many choices to satisfy all palates and pocketbooks.

No matter what you’re craving, you can find your perfect meal and beverages in Fort Collins!

Bites To Go

Although we highly recommend some down-time during a vacation to Fort Collins, we understand that with so much to do, enjoying a sit-down meal may cut into your time in the mountains or cruising around town. Luckily, with a short amount of time, you’re able to experience the wonderful pleasures of Fort Collins dining. Grab a fast meal or take it to-go during your next brewery tour or Fort Collins adventure.

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