Fort Collins holds a different place in the minds of every visitor and local. How you identify with Fort Collins comes from your experience as a whole, the activities you choose to do and the personal interests you hold. Everyone is able to have a unique experience in Fort Collins, Colo.


Fort Collins is a diverse tourist destination and offers activities for every personal interest. A huge part of the community is our rich outdoor recreation. From Horsetooth Reservoir, to our natural spaces, to the Poudre Canyon, you can do nearly every outdoor activity imaginable.

We have a huge beer culture recognized as “The Craft Beer Capitol of Colorado.” Arts and entertainment live throughout the city and family-friendly events are held nearly every week.

Those who live for fine food will find plenty of places to please their taste buds. As you walk through downtown you’ll hear live music by different local acts at our hand painted pianos.

Old Town offers dining, nightlife, and of course blocks of shops and unique boutiques. Enjoy a unique experience during your visit to Fort Collins with our interest-focused itineraries developed from the ideas of locals who share your passions.


Foodie Itinerary

“Eat, drink and be merry” is a motto here in Fort Collins. You can find restaurants, cafes and delis on every block. Downtown offers a wide variety of local dining options in a very quaint, romantic setting. During summers you can find restaurant patios filled with people enjoying their fine meals and company. Indulge in some of the finest dining you’ve ever had in “The City of Charm” here in Fort Collins.

Entertainment Enthusiast Two-Day Itinerary

Entertainment in the Fort Collins community is huge and it is enjoyed by people of all ages and interests. Not only is there daily live music, but also performances and acts in multiple venues. Known as the cultural capital of northern Colorado, Fort Collins offers more opportunities to see live theatre than anywhere else in northern Colorado. After a night of Fort Collins Broadway you can stop by a number of Fort Collins’ classy restaurants and be entertained by the live jazz performances while sipping a martini.

Brewery Tour Itinerary

Fort Collins has been called the Craft Beer Capital of Colorado, and that’s no coincidence considering we are home to over 20 different micro-breweries and a Budweiser plant. There might be only one more thing this Front Range town takes more seriously than beer, and that’s bikes. Here, the bike culture and beer culture collide to create a European vibe. Many of the breweries are an easy bike ride from each other which makes for the ultimate beer tasting tour via bike.  

Outdoor Enthusiast Itinerary

Fort Collins regularly rates high on any list of towns that are populated by fit residents with excellent access to recreational facilities. All over Fort Collins you’ll find bicyclists, hikers, climbers, and every other type of recreation. It is a yearlong indulgence and the town offers so much that one can never get bored with their recreation opportunities. Come get fit, have fun and enjoy the great outdoors in Fort Collins!

Music Lover Two-Day Itinerary

Music is a huge part of the Fort Collins community and a wide array of genres are found at music venues and outdoor concerts around town. During the summer you can find live music on every corner and nightly concerts amidst Old Town. Everything is more enjoyable with a little music and there is never a shortage of it here in Fort Collins.

Art Lover Two-Day Itinerary

We value our arts in Fort Collins and display our local talent throughout the community. In Old Town art can be seen down alley ways, on electrical boxes and statues are placed all around the area. Pianos can be seen in different Fort Collins locations painted by local artists and art shops line the Old Town streets. Fort Collins is an art lover’s paradise because of the art that encompasses the town. Experience the artsy town of Fort Collins with eyes wide open.

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