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Winona Forever

    • Vancouver’s Winona Forever has ridden a wave of musical curiosity and chemistry further than imagined when forming in high school. After spending formative years touring Canada and packing Vancouver’s resilient DIY venues, the band stumbled into an international following with the 2017 single Keep Kool. Listeners were quick to tune in to previous releases while waiting for 2019’s Feelgood, a sophomore album that sold out a first vinyl release through Kingfisher Bluez label. In 2022, Winona Forever started to distribute new singles through Acrophase Records, with an aggressive US touring schedule allowing longtime cross-border listeners to finally come see the real thing. 2023 LP Acrobat offers 9 tracks of pop songwriting and fresh production chops, signaling another chapter in the Winona Forever songbook. The band toured the release across North America, as well as joining label mate Ginger Root on a run of shows in Europe. In 2024, Winona Forever is set to release singles from fourth LP Sound Argument, a full length record that was tracked live off the floor in BC studios. Having lived together for many years, Winona Forever’s live show plays as a confident and witty conversation between friends. With milestones such as Pop Montreal, M For Montreal, SXSW, Treefort Fest, Sled Island and an Audiotree live session under their belt, the band continues to push forward towards fresh musical territory and new adventures.

      All ages
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