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University Symphony Orchestra Concert: Stories from the Old Lands: Richard Strauss, Smetana, and Debussy

    • With Barbara Thiem, Cello; Margaret Miller, Viola; Women from Concert Choir (Nathan Payant, Director)
      Griffin Concert Hall, UCA

      Join the University Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Wes Kenney, on the legendary adventures of Don Quixote, as envisioned by Richard Strauss. Faculty artists Barbara Thiem and Margaret Miller join the orchestra in the roles of the wayward knight and the faithful Sancho Panza. Also, on the program is Bedřich Smetana's colorful setting of Die Moldau as well as the Nocturnes by Claude Debussy. A concert of virtuoso music for soloists and orchestra!

      “This concert is filled with tone concept of descriptive music for orchestra. In Don Quixote, one of Strauss' great tone poems, we hear everything from the bleating of sheep to the sound of windmills. In Debussy's Nocturnes, we hear musical celebration and the seductive Sirens as they lure sailors to their death. In Smetana's Die Moldau, we hear the sound of a river as it builds and the events that takes place along its banks. It's a great way to show off the wide-ranging talents of students in the symphony.” —Maestro Kenney