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    • In 1929, off the coast of Oregon, Saint Gabriel laid waste to the S.S. Widow’s Bane. As the boat sank languidly beneath a mournful cloud of ravens, members of the Widow’s Bane house band could be seen riding their respective instruments like rafts toward the shore. Aside from a few soggy musicians and a water-logged accordion, all that remained of that ill-fated steam ship was her name. So the band took it. 
      In 2008, the Widow’s Bane (the band, not the ship) resurfaced in Boulder, Colorado. After a successful West Coast tour, the group was able to fund its first album in over 80 years. A self-titled album was recorded in an abandoned bookstore on Pearl Street; it was there that the Widow’s Bane made its first impression upon Boulder, performing impromptu experiments of mortal longing in the store-front window.