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The Crane Wives

    • Get ready to be captivated by The Crane Wives in Fort Collins, as they bring their unique blend of folk and rock to the stage with high-energy performances and soulful harmonies. Known for their kinetic percussion, driving bass lines, and playful guitar leads, their live shows are an emotional rollercoaster, blending mythology and themes of inner conflict with uplifting melodies.

      The Crane Wives, formed during the 2010’s folk boom, have evolved their sound into an indie rock sensation. The band consists of Emilee Petersmark and Kate Pillsbury on guitars and vocals, Dan Rickabus on percussion, and Ben Zito on bass. With hundreds of shows across the country and five full-length albums, including their 2020 live album "Here I Am," they continue to explore the depths of the human condition through their powerful lyrics and dynamic stage presence.