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The Cocktail Sessions

    • Ace Gillett’s Lounge presents The Cocktail Sessions

      A series of seven cocktail classes focusing on the six “root” cocktail recipes- The Flip, The Old Fashioned, The Daiquiri, The Highball, The Martini, and The Sidecar. Each class will focus on the history, ingredients, evolution, and legacy of a single root cocktail and how both modern and classic cocktails can trace their origins back to these six root recipes.

      The history of the week’s root cocktail
      Old and new cocktails that relate back to the root recipe
      An overview of the ingredients used in each recipe
      The tools and techniques used to create each cocktail
      A demonstration of how to make each cocktail
      A tasting of both the classic root recipe and variations

      Week 1
      The Flip
      Saturday March 30th 3:00pm

      Week 2
      The Old Fashioned
      Saturday April 6th 3:00pm

      Week 3
      The Daiquiri
      Saturday April 13th 3:00pm

      Week 4
      The Highball
      Saturday April 20th 3:00pm

      Week 5
      The Martini
      Saturday April 27th 3:00pm

      Week 6
      The Sidecar
      Saturday May 4th 3:00pm

      Week 7
      Ace Gillett’s classics & how they relate to the root six
      Saturday May 11th 3:00pm

      Each class will have 8 spots available and participants must be 21 years of age or older.

      $30/person for 1 class
      $25/person/class for 2-5 classes
      $20/person/class for 6 classes with 7th free