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Tea Brewing Basics: Infusions, Decoctions, and Formulation

    • Tea is the foundational method of preparing medicine in herbalism.

      This simple yet powerful method of using herbs is one that almost anyone can do, making it one of our preferred ways to utilize the power of plants.

      Though tea can be deceptively simple, there is still an art to it (ever been to a Japanese tea ceremony?) as well as some factors to consider when making an infusion for medicinal purposes.

      In this class we'll review tea brewing basics to understand the differences between preparing herbs as infusions or decoctions, the plant constituents best extracted by aqueous methods, and how to begin to pair different herbs together for their herbal actions and flavors to give folks the confidence to start preparing their own tasty, medicinal tea blends.

      This class will also cover the basics of herbal energetic principles to create balanced blends. Participants will taste various preparations, leave with written handouts and guidelines for tea brewing, a medicine making essential, and prepare their own tonic tea sample for daily nourishment, which they'll learn to balance energetically with complimentary medicinal benefits and flavors.

      Taught by staff clinical herbalist Ashley Noack
      Price: $25

      Class size is limited to 16, you must pre-register to hold your spot: