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Supernatural Stories: Life, Death, and Community in Contemporary Russian Villages

    • "Supernatural Stories: Life, Death, and Community in Contemporary Russian Villages" will be presented from 2-4 pm Saturday, March 9, at the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures. If you visit Russian villages, you will often hear two types of stories about people’s interactions with the supernatural world: tales about harmful magic and accounts of ancestors who visit from beyond the grave. The logic and purpose of such stories will be explored by Laura Olson Osterman, Associate Professor in UC Boulder's Department of Germanic & Slavic Languages and Literatures. Dr. Osterman has been doing ethnographic fieldwork in Russia and Bulgaria for 40 years. Admission to the program is $5/person and includes entry into the Museum's four galleries. In the Museum's Main Gallery, "Russian Retrospective" showcases over 200 Russian eggs and Matryoshka nesting dolls as well as artwork, artifacts, and treasures from the world's largest country. For more information, visit or call 970-221-4600.