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Storytime at Fort Collins Nursery (July 13)

    • Bring your kiddos to Fort Collins Nursery on July 13 for some summer-reading fun! Local children’s book authors and illustrators will be on-site to read the fabulous stories they have created.

      We’re excited to bring back our Storytime event as a three-part series. Three wonderful groups of local children’s book authors and illustrators will be on-site to read the fabulous stories they have created. We’ll gather on our outdoor patio, nestled along the banks of Dry Creek and the Cache la Poudre River and surrounded by beautiful plants, trees and wildlife. These FREE events will also feature fun crafts and activities for the children and a fundraiser for Children’s Speech & Reading Center. Books will be for sale by The Crowded Bookshelf and can also be purchased in advance here. Participants are encouraged to bring lawn chairs for additional seating. Well-behaved pets on leashes are welcome!

      July 13 Event Features

      Beth Anderson
      Featured Story:
      THOMAS JEFFERSON’S BATTLE FOR SCIENCE: BIAS, TRUTH, AND A MIGHTY MOOSE! Written by Brooke Beth Anderson & Illustrated by Jeremy Holmes.
      Did you know Thomas Jefferson, one of the most famous founding fathers, always had his mind on science? This STEM/STEAM picture book tells how Jefferson’s scientific thinking and method battled against faulty facts and bias to prove that his new nation was just as good as any in the Old World.


      Brooke Boynton-Hughes
      Featured Story:
      Heart String. Written & Illustrated by Brooke Bounton-Hughes.
      “…delivers a positive and unified vision of the world to which readers may aspire…. This heartwarming narration will provide readers with reassurance as well as opportunities to explore social-emotional health and global citizenship.” -School Library Journal
      “The notion that our humanity connects us is a worthy message, as is the idea that even when separated from loved ones, something binds us.” -Kirkus Reviews


      Tara Dairman

      Featured Story:
      THE GIRL FROM EARTH’S END. Written by Tara Dairman.
      Gifted gardener Henna embarks from her island home to search for the plant that might save her papa’s life in this vibrant story of love, grief, and growth. This tender tale, blossoming with moments of joy, is a story of hope, grief, and learning to flourish with a little help from those around you.


      Ellen Javernick
      Featured Story:
      The Birthday Pet. Written by Ellen Javernick and Illustrated by Kevin O’Malley
      “It was Danny’s birthday and his folks said he could get any kind of animal he wanted for a pet. Danny thought it over before he went to bed. ‘All I really want is a turtle,'” he said. But instead, his family gets him a dog, a kitten, a rat, and a bird. Danny shakes his head after each gift is offered until finally he receives the present he’s wished for all along. Accompanying each amusing stanza are Kevin O’Malley’s cheerful illustrations using design markers and colored pencil.


      Claudia Mills
      Featured Story:
      The Last Apple Tree. Written by Claudia Mills.
      Twelve-year-old Sonnet has just moved to Indiana to live with her recently widowed grandfather; Sonnet worries about his deep grief for his dead wife. Fellow seventh-grader Zeke has been home-schooled until this year by his father, whose ardent environmental activism constantly embarrasses him.
      For a school oral history assignment, Sonnet and Zeke interview Sonnet’s grandfather, whose memories center on his beloved heirloom apple tree, lone survivor of a now-vanished orchard. In the course of the interviews, painful family secrets are revealed that lead Sonnet to realize the healing power of even the saddest stories and lead Zeke to a new, closer relationship with his father.

      The Crowded Bookshelf
      The Crowded Bookshelf is a pop-up bookshop offering a curated selection of books for all ages that aren’t likely to be found on the bestseller lists. They also carry an assortment of gift items for readers including bookmarks, notebooks, literary prints, and more. Follow them on Instagram to see where they’ll be popping up next or visit their website where you can shop anytime. Instagram: @thecrowdedbookshelffc


      Children’s Speech & Reading Center
      Children’s Speech & Reading Center is dedicated to developing and providing innovative, high quality, affordable speech-language services to all children in Northern Colorado who experience speech, language, or reading delays. The Center’s services for communication disorders improve the independence, self-respect, and quality of life of children and their families. Their therapists are certified to provide treatment that builds communication skills affected by a variety of childhood disorders including autism, Down Syndrome, dyslexia, apraxia, articulation disorders, hearing impairment, learning disabilities and other development disorders.