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Stitching Through Time: Revival and Renewal

    • Everything old is new again! “Stitching Through Time” is a monthly series where you’ll meet to make a fiber-based craft project and learn about its history in the process. In this Sunday afternoon class, you will learn the basics of the Amish Stumpwork technique and receive the materials and instruction you need to create your own Stumpwork pincushion for keeping or gifting.

      The FCMoD historical artifact collection is a great place to discover beautiful crafting techniques just waiting to be revived. Join museum curators as we present the intriguing technique of Amish Stumpwork, which creates patterns of plushy pile. You will also get the chance to meet and learn the story of the local owners of Who Gives a Scrap, a business that takes the unused supplies from abandoned projects and gives them new life, “keeping literal tons of material out of the landfill by putting them into the creative hands of thrifty crafters.”

      Ages 16+, with exceptions for parents with children who would like to come with. $7/$5 for members.