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Spring Living for Cyclical Bodies

    • Come learn how to live in alignment with the energetics of the Spring season & how seasonal living impacts the health of your menstrual cycles. 


      We will cover lifestyle, nutritional & herbal recommendations and movement practices to optimize your health this Spring. We will also learn an embodied qi gong movement practice for Spring vitality. 


      We’ll also touch upon how seasonal living impacts our menstrual cycles and how to live in alignment with our inner Spring ~ the follicular phase of our menstrual cycles. You’ll leave this workshop with a solid understanding of how to live in alignment with Spring and how to support gentle detoxification everyday (without fasts or cleanses) for healthy hormones and cycles!


      All gender expressions welcome.



      Jessa Youngs is a holistic health & energy medicine practitioner and cycle health educator dedicated to helping reclaim the inherent vitality & nourishment of the menstrual cycle by merging Chinese medicine with functional medicine and essential feminine wisdom. She blends these foundational perspectives with Fertility Awareness, Holistic Pelvic Care, Mayan Abdominal & Uterine Care, Western herbalism, yoni steaming and energy medicine in her clinical practice Embodied Wholeness, online and in Fort Collins, CO. You’ll often find her singing, dancing, gardening, cooking, gathering in sister circles and soaking in the beauty of the earth with her husband in their ‘78 VW bus.


      Cost: $30


      Class space is limited. Please pre-register by signing up online: