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Spirit Speaks Intuitive Session

    • Come sit with Cara, a heart-centered, trustworthy, and intuitive healer who uses her finely tuned psychic and mediumistic abilities to guide you on a healing journey. As you use your heart as a compass to restore clarity, Cara helps you to nurture your inner child, clear blocks, step into your power—and fall more in love with the real you.


      Spirit Speaks Intuitive Sessions Include:

      Whatever your soul is calling on in order to feel re-Connected back to your authentic Self. This accessing of Truth and wisdom might show up as a healing, a download of information, a reconnection with your inner child,  and or communication with a past loved one. 


      All sessions are centered on the intention of allowing all to arrive for the greatest good of YOU.


      Specific focuses might be:

      • Relationship Space

      • Business/Career space and dynamics

      • Home Space

      • Wealth/Finance Space

      • Emotions Surfacing

      • Past lives 

      • Communication with past loved ones


      @SpiritSpeaksIntuitive Cara believes that embracing life’s synchronicities is essential to living with joy. Through a series of inward journeys—including reconnecting energetically with her unborn twin brother—Cara learned to listen to her heart and follow its guidance. She overcame her life-long fear of feeling lost, tapped into her soul’s wisdom, and awakened to a new reality of “feeling found.” She has studied with world renowned Psychic Mediums such as Lisa Williams and exceptional Psychic Healers from Psychic Horizons school, where she became an Ordained Minister.


      Cara is an Internationally known intuitive and children's author who helps coaches, peers, and business leaders speak their truth, discover freedom, and find peace.


      Cara is here to help you feel clear, confident, grounded, strong—and FULLY YOU!


      All readings will include an Oracle card (s) reading at the end to validate what came through and leave you with a beautiful image. 


      30 minutes: $60 

      60 minutes: $110


      Schedule online: