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Sparking Conversations Through Contemporary Takes on Traditional Themes

    • The Center is thrilled to present three exhibitions at the Carnegie Center for Creativity.  What these three exhibitions have in common is a contemporary take of traditional themes, Black and White, Abstract, and motherhood. Laura J. Bennett’s solo exhibition, Umbilicus, is a visual depiction of her life as both an artist and the mother of nine. She sculpts her own orbs from various materials and prints her own canvas backdrops. The backdrops are combined with collectibles and Bennett calls these sets, Mother Worlds. 

      Artists from around the country will be attending the reception and giving short artist talks beginning at 6:30 pm. Also in attendance will be the curator of the Black and White exhibition, Catherine Couturier of the Catherine Couturier gallery in Houston.

      Join us in celebrating art, artists, and the creative community.