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Sound Bowl Chakra Tune-Up

    • All are welcome for this extremely relaxing 60-minute workshop, featuring quartz singing bowls that work with the frequencies of the chakra system to restore harmony in the bodymind. Join certified meditation teacher Joe Ritter for this sonic journey that will include instruction in pranayama, meditation, and manifestation techniques. There is no experience necessary. 


      This class will include a self-guided period with only the sound of the bowls resonating in the space. At this point, participants are invited to gently engage with a basic meditation technique, or they may simply rest and allow the vibration of the bowls to soothe the body. Either way, this workshop will offer a beautiful opportunity to slow down, reset, and experience the wonder of sound used intentionally as medicine. Please bring your favorite meditation cushion, blanket, or whatever other props will help you to feel as comfortable as possible!