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Soul Flow Yoga

    • Yoga in Sanskrit means union, and the practice seeks to establish greater connection and harmony between yourself and the Universal source from which we all originate. This class aims to help each student form a deeper unity with their soul, using the body and breath as guides. 

      The foundation of this class is based in vinyasa yoga, which is a breath initiated movement practice. The flow of the class will vary, depending on the energies present in the room, and each student is encouraged to tune into the wisdom and teachings present within. You will develop an awareness and greater understanding of your own body through dynamic sequences that are adaptable and approachable for all levels of practitioners. You can expect to be guided through the rise and fall of intensity in movement with a mindfulness of what your limits and capabilities are. We will ground into ourselves at the beginning of each class, move through asana practice, and end with pranayama (breathwork) and an extended meditative savasana.