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Showgirl Awakening presents Kellita Maloof performing “I K(no)W” at the 2019 FoCo Fringe Festival

    • Kellita Maloof, the delightful and witty San Francisco-based burlesque dancer/choreographer, leaves her clothes on and lays her heart bare in this warm telling of the unsettling partnership with her own powerful, eloquent, recalcitrant body. Knocked flat repeatedly by ulcerative colitis, Kellita determines to search out the emotional and spiritual sources of her troubles. In “I K(no)W,” Kellita stands and delivers the story of her recovery frankly, with great humor, and begs the question of her audience – How do we force ourselves to make the indigestible digestible? And how can we get ourselves to stop? With two decades of international burlesque performance under her shimmy belt, this is Kellita’s first full-length autobiographical-storytelling show. “I K(noW” focuses on mental, emotional and physical health in a way that’s not just a storytelling device but also an interactive learning platform. Think intimate-chat-with-a-friend meets TED Talk. The show will be presented at the Downtown Artery Gallery at 254 Linden St. July 25-28, with tickets available at the door or via