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Root Medicine: A Plant Spirit Medicine Approach

    • Autumn is traditionally a time of inward reflection and introspection. It is also the time when herbal roots are ready to harvest.


      In this class we will discuss Root Medicine from a psycho-spiritual perspective and ways to connect in with ourselves to discover our connection with the earth and healing. We will also discuss the medicinal qualities of some important root Medicine plants and Mushrooms and discuss the ways that they can be incorporated into our lives at this time of year.


      In a spiritual sense, Root Medicine plants teach us about rooting down, going within, and reconnecting with Earth and our true Nature. They also contain a vast array of medicinal benefits.


      Each participant will create their own Roots "Herbal Coffee" blend (with no caffeine) to begin working with Root Medicine in their daily lives.


      with Clinical Herbalist & Eco Therapist Brita Latona @Brita.LaTona.Herbalist


      Cost: $30


      Class space is limited. Sign up today to claim your spot: