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Robert's Village

    • Robert’s Village

      Robert’s Village, Brian Buss, United States, 33 minutes, English, 2021, World Premiere.

      Robert Serunjogi lost most of his family members during the brutal slayings of Uganda’s Idi Amin administration. After fleeing his home country, Robert started working as a janitor at Colorado State University (CSU). While working on campus, Robert met CSU student Laura Schreck and struck up a conversation. This chance meeting led to the pair working together and raising $90,000 to build a school for the displaced children in Robert’s hometown of Buweyeo. In 2019, Robert and Laura visited the school and witnessed the village in a period of rebuilding after civil war.


      A refugee working as a janitor on a university campus strikes up a conversation with a student that leads to the pair building a school in Uganda.

      About Brian Buss:

      Brian Buss is a videographer and documentary filmmaker living in Bellevue, Colorado. Look out for his next documentary, Les is More, a cinema verité film featuring artist Les Sunde and lessons in being just a little brave.


      World premiere details:

      October 14, 2021, 7:00 PM, Behavioral Sciences Building A 131 and online for 24-hours. Film screening followed by a Q&A featuring director Brian Buss and film subjects Robert Serunjogi, Laura Schreck, Scott Schreck, Chris Schreck, Patrick Lindsell, Brian Jones, and Sheila Ferguson. Free event. Reservations required.