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Road To Compound Sound Feat. Spectacle, MIDIcinal, Mass Relay (DJ Set), Bankaji

    • Spectacle: In the winter of 2015, a striking new voice formed in the heart of Denver’s electronic music scene. Spectacle’s orchestral instrumentation (violin, percussion, guitar) quickly made the outfit stand out amongst the crowd; each show being an experience, that is refreshingly original. Hard hitting drops, alongside afro-cuban percussion make for an irresistible groove and a heady tropical soundscape. Beautiful soaring violin melodies, and deep rhythmic bass synth lines drive each musical passage through every member of the audience. 

      MIDIcinal is the electro-funk, hip hop, bass and soul music producer, Scott Rhatigan. Currently based in Denver, CO, Scott is constantly exploring new boundaries of his production. Often times including a drummer or a horns player during his live sets, you will find yourself moving to a mix of classic old school boom bap with a new age bass-funk twist.


      Mass Relay: The Denver based live glitch-hop duo Mass Relay is turning heads across the country. Fans have described their music as glitch-hop/future funk/ and IDM. Mass Relay stands out not only with their enticing twist of futuristic sound design with funky/moving arrangements, but also their virtuosic use of live guitar/bass and improvisation.

      BANkaJI: Sound Design from the depths of my grandma's basement, Developed from psychedelic substances and reruns of 90's kid shows. Bankaji replicates your most favored fever dreams into musical form.