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Precious Metal Clay on Beads and Bisque

    • Instructor Birdy Harrison

      Sunday, August 9 from 2-6pm

      Precious Metal Clay (PMC) consists of tiny metal particles, water and a binding agent that can be formed and sculpted just like clay. After it is dried and fired in a kiln, the binder burns away and it sinters into a solid piece of metal. In this class you will be using fine silver clay slip (clay mixed with water to from a paste) to cover beads and blanks made of ceramic bisque ware and then decorating them with the clay. This way, larger pieces can be created. Students will learn the basics of working with the clay- rolling, texturing, cutting and molding and be shown how to set and monitor a kiln. The pieces will be fired and finished (polished or antiqued) during the class and the 99.9% fine silver pieces can be taken home that day.

      This class is a 5-student, In-Person Class hosted in the gallery classroom.