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People in General w/ Mofie, Miranda Fling, and Hygeia

    • People in General is a 5-8 piece Jazz-Pop band from Fort Collins, Colorado. Fronted by songwriter Ben Eberle, with keyboardist Matan Birnbaum, Drummer Ethan Christi, bassist Elan Jimenez, guitarist JJ Maestas, Trombonist Hays Bruce and singers Geneva Hein and Annalee Knies, the band fuses elements of Math-Rock, Bedroom Pop, Jazz, and Indie to deliver fun and high energy live performances. Since forming in January 2019, the ensemble, endearingly known as ‘PiG’ by fans, has amassed an enthusiastic group of dedicated followers through their messaging of positivity and community building.
      Ethan, Matan, and the former front person of the band first started playing music together as the rhythm section for The Grace Kuch Band. One day, while playing the 2019 International Blues Conference in Memphis, the lads decided to start a project of their own to experiment more with odd time signatures and complex chord phrasings. Together they released their debut album, ‘Piglet’ to local critical acclaim (Bandwagon & Scene Magazine) in November of 2019. The momentum from the album, along with a strong local presence helped People in General win Best New Band of 2019 at the FoCoMA Peer Awards.
      The onset of COVID-19 and the cancellation of shows forced bands off the stage and out of the studio. People In General found a way around the hardships by collaborating and producing albums in Matan’s basement.