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Nurture and Nature

    • Four artists with deep roots in Fort Collins connect to explore the self and our relationships with nature and beyond through painting, photography, words, and drawings.

      Dates of Exhibition:

      Friday 12/3/2021 & 12/10/2021 6-9pm

      Saturday 12/4/2021 & 12/11/2021 3-7pm

      Sunday. 12/5/2021 &12/12/021 3-7pm


      Mary Lu Lovett

      Mary Lu cherishes east coast beginnings, destined to migrate to Fort Collins in 1973. As a folksy expressionist, she explores the feminine connection to the divine nature of being through painting. Mary Lu is a retired Poudre School District art teacher and has been painting for forty plus years.

      Instagram: lovett3332


      Art Fasbender

      Art was born in New York City and has lived in Colorado for close to fifty Years. He is a graduate of NYU, where he cut a 1960’s rock n’roll record called “The Girl I met last night.” His recently published his first novel “Leah’s Lode” which is available on Amazon. Art’s poetry and short stories chronicle the escapades of an adventurous life. Art has a poetry and short story book in the works.


      Randy VanWinkle

      Randy is a Fort Collins native, avid hiker and photographer. He takes every opportunity, year round, to explore wilderness areas near his home in Colorado. A love for hiking and the Colorado high country dovetails with his love of photography. Randy’s photography focuses on mountain landscapes, movement and reflection of water, and wild flowers.

      Instagram: rvanwinkle1

      Facebook: @RandyVanWinklePhotography


      Jessica Galbraith

      A Colorado native who migrated to the Pacific Northwest after graduating from CSU with a fine arts degree. Jessie Lu is creative director for Funny Feelings, LLC, publishers of The Snowboarders Journal, The Ski Journal and The Flyfish Journal. Her mixed media drawings explore the individual and their connection to nature

      Instagram: jessielulove