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Nourish Your Liver

    • Join us for this hands on workshop where we will learn about herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle practices to nourish our livers!  


      Our livers are a crucial part of our body’s detoxification system and it plays a major role in our overall-health and well being. 


      Our modern lifestyle tends to put extra strain on our liver, impairing it’s ability to do it’s job, learning how to nourish and support your liver is foundational in living a healthy and happy 


      This class will be lecture style with a herbal remedy making demo.  Each student will leave with a nutritive tonic and recipes and ideas for the future.


      Taught by Gem Boehm-Reifenkugel of Community Herbal. Gem is a clinical herbalist and plant lover.  She has a strong passion for nutrition, cooking, and using herbs to amplify our plates and lives.  There is a strong connection between our livers and our whole body health.  Rather than detoxing, Gem loves using the power of delicious food and herbal remedies to nourish our bodies.


      Cost: $40


      Class space is limited. Sign up today to claim your spot: