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NOOBAA 23 | Non-Objective Abstract Art Fine Art Exhibition

    • NOOBAA 23 | Non-Objective Abstract Art, 5th Annual Fine Art Exhibition

      The theme of Non-Objective Abstract Art can refer to Non-Objective Art or Non-Representational Art, which does not seek to represent specific objects, people, or other subjects found in the natural world, but instead relies on shape, line, color and form with no particular subject. Non-Objective Art is a pure abstract style that typically uses geometric motifs on a shallow picture plane. Art that has no illusion of pictorial depth made by linear perspective in the image and is purposely devoid of any references to worldly things or object.

      The exhibition features 59 artworks from 41 artists all over the United States

      Juried by David Reif, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Art at the University of Wyoming

      Exhibit Date: Friday, September 15 РFriday, October 23

      Exhibiting Artists
      Craig Anderson, Fort Collins, CO
      Nancy Bardach, Berkeley, CA
      Cynthia Bickley-Green, Greenville, NC
      Shell Ray Blanchard, Loveland, CO
      Angi Brown, Fort Collins, CO
      Gloria Campbell, Fort Collins, CO
      Norman Carr, Wichita, KS
      Mingyue Chen, Queens, NY
      Tauna Cole, Las Cruces, NM
      Bob Coonts, Fort Collins, CO
      John Diephouse, Lansing, MI
      Rick Fenton, San Francisco, CA
      Pat Flanagan, Lynnwood, WA
      Leo Franco, Denver, CO
      Nina Friedman, New York, NY
      Janis Goldblatt, Fort Collins, CO
      Jeanne Grove, Fort Collins, CO
      Deborah Hall, Sacramento, CA
      Michele Hardy, Silverthorne, CO
      Sarah Harris, Fort Collins, CO
      JoAnn Hovland, Fort Collins, CO
      Benita Landrey, Firestone, CO
      LeeAnn Lewis, Youngstown, OH
      Lorrie Lutz, Old Orchard Beach, ME
      Barbara McCulloch, Santa Fe, NM
      Jason McKinsey, Thorton, CO
      JoElla Mendez, San Angelo, TX
      Frances Metcalf, McDonald, PA
      Ann Montera, Windsor, CO
      Sergio Nates, Novato, CA
      Christy Nelson, Laporte, CO
      Sue Pauley, Fort Collins, CO
      Norma Pomerleau, Fort Collins, CO
      Denise Presnell, Sheboygan, WI
      Carol Schinkel, Fort Collins, CO
      Robert Schwarzenbach, San Francisco, CA
      Sue Sell, Fort Collins, CO
      Roger Sherman, Fort Collins, CO
      Shawna Turner, Fort Collins, CO
      Gili Wolf, Louisville, CO
      Joyce Wynes, Davidson, NC