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N/TOPIA – Live in the Dome

    • N/TOPIA is an exploration of human exposure and response to the uncanny. This live performance in the Dome questions the relationship we as individuals have to concepts of utopia and dystopia and asks if these all too familiar ideals are in actuality mysterious and uncertain. Through a multimedia visual production created for the planetarium/dome along with live musical accompaniment, this work dances on a plane between the controlled and uncontrolled, the utopic and dystopic. It is here in the in-between we find N/TOPIA.

      Doors open at 7:30 pm, performance starts at 8:00 pm.
      Cash bar will be available.

      $10/$8 for members.

      Pre-registration is recommended.

      N/TOPIA is a collaborative multimedia performance for fulldome (digital planetarium) and other immersive spaces created by musical artist Janet Feder and a team of technical innovators including Monica Bolles (project manager and audio designer), Joe Shepard (audio recordist), Charles Veasey (computer architect), Ben Efram (visual technician), and Michael Sperandeo (3D Modeler). This group was brought together through the love of working and experimenting with artistic expression in immersive spaces. N/TOPIA is the team’s first collaboration.