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Mystic Adornment Tarot Readings with Brynna

    • In a Mystic Adornment Tarot reading, you will receive guidance and space for the deeply emotional process that developing personal style can be. We will pull Tarot cards to explore the inquiries or challenges you are facing regarding style + adornment. I am here to help you with the powerful and rewarding act of finding personal style that helps you feel seen, whole, and connected to your self and body.


      Both Tarot and personal style can be tools to help us embody our true selves. The archetypes and stories present within Tarot offer insight, language, and visual inspiration for how we might adorn our bodies. The multidimensional nature and complexity of the Tarot can help us integrate seemingly unrelated parts of ourselves so we feel whole as well.


      Brynna has over a decade of experience reading Tarot + Oracle cards as well as a college background in Fashion Design + Merchandising and a lifelong passion and dedication to self-exploration around style + adornment. Explore how the Tarot can help you express and embody yourself more fully and joyfully! 


       Possible topics of inquiry: 

      -Your unique essence + beauty

      -Archetypes + parts of you that wish to be expressed 

      -Ancestral healing + guidance around your style expression and beauty. 

      -Any questions you have regarding style and embodied adornment!


      Cost: $50 for 30 min, 3 card spread, OR $100 for 1 hour, 7-card spread plus personalized flower essence


      Social: @brynna.alice.tarot


      Schedule online: