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Mushroom Cultivation at Home

    • An immersive class designed for those just getting into learning how to grow their own mushrooms at home. 


      This class will cover some of the fundamentals of mushrooms, mushrooms of the Rocky Mountains, and how to cultivate gourmet and medicinal mushrooms at home. 


      Each class will include your very own mushroom grow kit and a petri dish that we’ll be using to see what’s living on us right now!


      Taught by Isaiah Chavez of Mighty Mountain Mushrooms


      “Hello, my name is Isaiah Chavez and I’m a local mushroom cultivator here in Fort Collins.

      My passion for mushrooms began a few years ago when I was crippled and stuck in a wheelchair suffering from full body convulsions. After exhausting every available option for medical treatment, I turned to mushrooms and currently they’re the only reason I’m walking around today. I’ve devoted my life to them since.”




      Class space is limited. Sign up today to claim your spot: