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Monthly Tarot Card Readings

    • Join Golden Poppy and staff herbalist Ashley Noack from 1-6pm for monthly tarot card readings.

      Stop in and sit down with Ashley, a sensitive and intuitive tarot reader, to see what messages the cards may reveal in your life.

      Regardless of your spiritual orientation, tarot and other oracle cards can be a powerful tool to help unravel the mysteries of the world we live in. They can help you to clearly define your path and determine what assistance is available for you as you move through life.

      They offer symbolic messages to help you dig deeper into questions you may have about your own life, and working with an experienced and intuitive reader can help you decipher these messages resulting in a clearer understanding of what they have to say.

      Readings are $1/min and will last about 20 min. These are first come first serve so stop in to get your name on the list.