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Mishawaka Movie Night - Double Feature

    • Double Feature - Army of Darkness (1st) and Rocky Horror Picture Show (2nd)
      We will have a troupe of actors on site, as well as games and trivia.
      Door prizes including concert tickets, Mish bucks, and a Valentines dinner for two.
      Drink Specials:
      The Time Warp "Lets drink the Time Warp again...., It's some ice from left... And some booze from the right.... Put your mixers on top... and shake it up right... Its a citric thrust... That drives the bar insane."
      Frank N Furter Fizz "No matter what your gender identity is, you're gonna love this one"
      Touch-a-touch-a Tanqueray "Martini...Dirty. For when you want to be that way"
      There's a white... wine spritzer, over at the Frankenstein place
      Hot Patootie "It will bless your soul and make you really love rock and roll"
      Parking for events in the SpokesBUZZ Lounge is FREE