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Media Mixed: Experimenting with Materials

    • Media Mixed: Experimenting with Materials
      Main Gallery and Americas Gallery, July 1-December 18, 2022

      Drawing from the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art‘s outstanding collection of contemporary art, Media Mixed: Experimenting with Materials looks at the myriad ways artists push the boundaries of what old and new materials can do and signify.

      Exhibition selections include works from the late-1960s in then-nascent plastic by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, op artist Bridget Riley, and the West Coast minimalist De Wain Valentine, who cultivated the material’s use.

      Later 20th century artworks include those by Larry Bell, Betty Woodman, and Florence Pierce, while 21st century considerations include Shan Goshorn’s Federal Weapon (2014)—a commentary on the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)—and a Mixografia print by Dario Escobar (Untitled, 2013) that explores issues of material, valuation, meaning, and acculturation through sports.

      Recent acquisitions are also included in Media Mixed. Enrique Chagoya’s Pyramid Scheme (2009) is a 2022 purchase through the Dale Pruce and Leslie Walker Latin American Art Acquisition endowment, a sculptural multiple that addresses inequity in financial institutions.

      Media Mixed: Experimenting with Materials is curated by GAMA director and chief curator Lynn Boland and museum interns Megan Allbrooks, Diana Del Valle, and Lex Lupton.

      Support for this exhibition and related programming is generously provided by the City of Fort Collins Fort Fund, FUNd Endowment at CSU, and Colorado Creative Industries.