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Let My Deafness No Longer be a Secret, Even in My Art

    • Speaker: Bruce Adolphe, OtHA Artistic Director and composer

      Program: As early as 1806, Beethoven wrote in the margins of his sketchbook for the Razumovsky Quartets: “Let your deafness no longer be a secret — even in art.” Surely, this proclamation must be taken seriously and while no musical manifestation of his deafness can be definitively proved, the challenge to discover passages that musically proclaim Beethoven’ struggle with aspects of deafness, especially tinnitus, is worth investigating. The Romantic image of Beethoven as a suffering artist tends to overshadow the reality of Beethoven as a suffering human being who was an artist. His tinnitus and deafness cry out from the page for us to hear. Join Bruce Adolphe for a detailed examination of Beethoven’s musical depictions of tinnitus.

      RSVP requested. Free to the public; all donations support performers and our programming mission.