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Late Summer Coolers: Herbs to Beat the Heat

    • As we arrive in mid to late summer, it can often be the hottest time of year. Summer heat and fire energy can be very drying and dehydrating. 


      In this class we will discuss seasonal energetics and the cooling, moistening, herbs and foods that are helpful for bringing relief to beat the heat. 


      We will discuss cooling, moistening herbs for herbal iced tea, and herbal switchels. Herbal switchels were one of the first electrolyte-balancing drinks. They are traditionally made with apple cider vinegar, molasses, lemon, and herbs. This hydrating drink has many beneficial effects.


      Each participant will get the chance to make and take home a cooling herbal switchel

      Taught By: Clinical Herbalist, Brita LaTona



      Class space is limited. Sign up today to claim your spot: