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Langhorne Slim w/ Jeremie Albino - Presented by 105.5 The Colorado Sound

    • Welcome to Strawberry Mansion.
      This is a collection of 18 songs written in March, April and May of 2020. The beginning of a new world. The unraveling of an old one. A wildly strange time where we’ve found ourselves collectively holding our breath, learning how best to exhale again. Up until this point, I hadn’t finished a song in quite some time. Like many have before and I suppose many will after, I feared I might not write one again. But then they came and they came quickly. Almost as quickly as we recorded em. Keep it simple I’d tell myself. I keep telling myself that. Mat was in Austin and Paul down the street at home in Nashville. All of us doing our best versions of a quarantined life amidst a global pandemic. I called the boys and they were down to play. If that ain’t brotherhood I don’t know what is and I started to exhale a bit.
      Strawberry Mansion is the neighborhood in Philly that my grandfathers Jack + Sid grew up in. It’s become a place of myths for me. A place that’s dirty but sweet, tough but full of love. Where giants roamed the earth + had names like Whistle + Curly.
      These songs and these friends are gifts from the spirits and I’m wildly grateful for em all. It’s a mad world indeed but there’s beauty in the madness. Always + forever.
      With fiery love from us to you.
      Yours in curiosity, confusion + song,
      Langhorne Slim