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Kristen Joy Emack Artist Talk

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      I’ve been photographing my daughter and nieces for close to a decade. There is something sacred about the lives of girls. Their innocent, confident relationships to themselves, their world, and one another is gravitational. Between them is an intimate and spiritual knowledge, both ordinary and extraordinary, and I aim to capture the brilliance of their communion. I hope that when they look back on this work, they will see their beauty and their devotion to each other, and will find themselves here, in this work we made together, reflected with love.

      January 12, 2023

      5:00 PM Mountain Time via Zoom

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      Artist Bio
      Kristen Joy Emack is a 2022 Guggenheim Fellow, a MacDowell Fellow, and a Massachusetts Cultural Arts Fellow. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally in both galleries and photo festivals. She has been published in several magazines, including Vogue Italia, OATH, and The Sun. She has been a guest speaker at multiple universities, including Harvard, Hofstra, and the University of Cincinnati, and interviewed on several podcasts, including The Candid Frame and SHADE, in the UK.

      Kristen is primarily a self-taught photographer and also works as a public school educator who lives and works in Cambridge,MA. Her work is in multiple private collections here and abroad. Kristen is represented by Gallery Kayafas in SOWA Boston.