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Killdozering with Patrick Brower

    • Old Firehouse Books is excited to welcome Colorado author Patrick Brower to the store! He will be in the store talking about an iconic and quintessential piece of Colorado history. Join us in the store on Tuesday, June 11th at 6:00pm to hear Brower speak about his book Killdozer: The True Story of the Colorado Bulldozer Rampage. This event is free and open to the public.

      Patrick Brower remembers all too well the day that Marv Heemeyer rampaged through Granby, Colorado in a homemade, 85-ton tank. Brower’s business was one of the 13 buildings destroyed that day back in June of 2004, and he nearly lost his life. This book aims to shed light on this bizarre event, the rash of violent rampages in America, and the country’s fact-challenged landscape.

      We hope you’ll join us for this event!