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Kei Ito: The Beginning, in the land around me

    • Kei Ito: The Beginning, in the land around me

      The Griffin Foundation Gallery, January 18 – April 2, 2023

      Presented in partnership with the Center for Fine Art Photography
      In collaboration with the Asian Pacific American Cultural Center

      The Beginning, in the land around me is a solo exhibition featuring the work of multimedia artist Kei Ito. The five individual projects presented span work Ito completed between 2020–2023 that converge on and center around his own nuclear heritage as a third generation hibakusha—atomic bomb victim—and expand Ito’s exploration of and research into the American nuclear experience. The exhibition surveys the experiences of “downwinders” (a person living downwind of a nuclear test site or reactor) and creates an environment to discuss the shared pasts and traumas both hibakusha and downwinders have suffered at the hands of nuclear weapons, all that goes into their creation, as well as issues surrounding health, environmentalism, and our current global system of war and peace.

      These projects occupy the gallery and stand as witnesses to our shared histories. The gallery becomes a monument to both the past and the present and asks the questions: has war ever ended and is the price for peace the same as that for wartime?

      Join GAMA and C4FAP, in collaboration with APACC, for a gallery talk and reception with Kei Ito on Thursday, January 19 at 5 p.m. Registration is required.

      Kei Ito: The Beginning, in the land around me is presented in partnership with the Center for Fine Art Photography and in collaboration with CSU’s Asian Pacific American Cultural Center. Support for this project and related programming has been generously provided by the City of Fort Collins Fort Fund, the FUNd Endowment at CSU, and with support from Colorado Creative Industries.