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Intuitive Bone Readings with Ricky Tru

    • Ricky has been a practicing Ancestral Brujo since the age of 12. He grew up learning the ways of Brujeria from his family Elders. He also studied Southern Hoodoo with a Manbo in New Orleans for 5 years and practices seeing both sides of the veil on a regular basis.


      "Ever since I was little I've been told I have a veil on my face, which means I'm able to walk with both light and dark energies. If you are willing, come seek the Unknown."


      Ricky's gentle and intuitive bone reading sessions offer a glimpse into the unanswered questions in your life.

      Similar to the way a Tarot Reader would help you access the unconscious layers of your reality, these readings will help you tap into the knowledge your ancestors have to offer.


      All readings include:

      ~Bone Throwing

      ~Naipes Cards

      ~Obi Casting


      30 minutes for $52


      Guided by @Brujeria_Conjure


      Schedule online: